Friday, February 19, 2010

Yeah!! Another Postcard!!

Today we got a postcard in the mail from Dublin, Ireland!  We were pretty excited to get one in the mail truly is an addiction...

This postcard is of The Martello Tower.  Immortalised by James Joyce in the novel 'Ulysses'. 
The tower, one of several along the coast were originally built to protect against the possibility of invasion by Napoleon.  It is now a museum and contains some of James Joyce's personal possessions.

There is something about Ireland...probably because my ancestors came from there.  Whatever it is, I have always wanted to go there.  For now, it looks like I'll have to settle for the postcards!!  No trips planned any time soon!  Maybe when we retire!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I am addicted!

I decided to check out after my cousin posted a link for it on Facebook...the thought of getting postcards from all over the world was pretty exciting to me!  I signed up instantly and also created an account for my son, Jack!  We've only been doing it for a few weeks, but I have already received postcards from Germany, Canada, Finland, and the Netherlands!  How awesome is that! 
The people who send them have told me all about the picture on the front, what their hobbies are, or just say "hello!".

These are the postcards I have received so far!

This one is from The Netherlands!  It's pictures are from a National Park called Veluwe!  I love the animals!

This one is from Canada...Niagara Falls!  I have never been there, but it's not too far away, I should make sure I add this as one of my vacations soon!  It looks beautiful!

This one is from Finland!  Tell me that this isn't the life to live...A nice sauna overlooking a beautiful lake with your own dock!  I am totally jealous! 

This was my first postcard that I's from Germany!  I love all of the different looks very peaceful!  My son Jack  loves the sheep!  Check out the field of flowers...just gorgeous!

Well, hopefully I will get some more postcards soon!  I have 3 more to send out today!!