Saturday, March 6, 2010

It was a HUGE postcard week!

If you can believe it, we have received 18 postcards in the last two days!!!!  A few people sent a handful of cards from their countries, that was such a nice surprise!!

The first six are from Cyprus...all from the same woman that sent the picture of the monastery in the previous post!!  She sent a few with cute pictures that Jack would like as well as some scenery from where she lives!

I love all of them!!


The next one is from Illinois!  Jack and I really liked this one because it has a sock monkey on it...I had one as a small child, and Jack got one from his Grandma for Valentines Day!

Isn't it cute???


This next one is from Holland...the Netherlands!  I love cows and tulips, so this one is perfect for me!!

Look at those tulips in the background...I am so jealous!!


The last one from yesterday was from Russia...such a pretty picture!!

They almost look like little blueberries on a pinetree! 


Today, we got 3 from a woman in Australia...totally cute!  They show some of the wildlife where she lives....she told me that she see kangaroos everyday in her yard!!

How can you not love thoses little koala bears!!????

The next one is from's the Basilica di Monte Berico in the Province of Vicenza.  It was built in 1680-1703!


Next up....Alaska!  What I thought was neat was that we are making Jacks bedroom look like a lodge, with moose and bears...and what shows up today?? 

Looks like this guy is enjoying some lunch!


The other postcard that has to do with Jacks new room is this one from Canada!

Now, what's the chance of getting both a bear postcard and a moose postcard??  I think I am going to frame each of them for Jacks room!

This next postcard is from China...Morning in the countryside in Gui Zhou Province...the houses are built on the mountain side!


Our last one today came from South Africa!   From the Southern Tip of Africa, the city of George.  George is located right in between the mountains and the sea.  They have a sunny, hot climate with downpours occasionally.  The woman who sent it is a photographer and a grandma to 7!

She included some sentences in her mother tongue:  Afrikaans!
"Dankie vir die lekker gesels" - thanks for the nice chat!
"kom kuier gerus in S.A." - Do come and visit in South Africa!
"ons het pragtige wilde diere en wildspare" - we have beautiful wild life, game and game parks!
"Groete en beste wense aan julle!" - Greetings and best wishes to the two of you!

I liked that she did that!!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

One more today!

We received a postcard today from Cyprus!  This was a direct swap from Maria....The picture is the Stavrovouni Monastery.  The oldest written reference to the Monastery dates from the Byzantine period...proving that it had been an important religious center since the 4th century!
Can you imagine the views from the Monastery??

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Another 3!!

Jack and I received another three postcards between yesterday and today!  All three were direct swaps! 

The first one came yesterday, and it's from Hawaii!  Wow, would I ever love to live there!  The water is so perfectly blue!!  The picture on the front is an aerial view of Waikiki Beach with Diamond Beach in the background!! 


The next one came today, and it's from Malaysia....The young woman that sent it is from Kuala Lumpur, and the picture shows the Petronas Twin Towers where she works as an IT executive!  The towers have 88 floors!


Our third card came from Argentina...I really love this postcard!  It's longer than the average card, with a beautiful waterfall scene!  It's Iguazu National Park.  The park has more than 275 waterfalls, the most impressive of which is called the Devil's Throat which is close to 3,000 feet!

Isn't that beautiful??

Monday, March 1, 2010

Three more today!! :)

Jack and I received three more postcards in the mail today!!

The first one was to Jack from a teacher in Madrid, Spain!  The picture is of Retiro Park...It's got a big lake that you can sail around in a boat and feed the ducks!  (Jack liked that idea!)


I got a postcard from Germany....another direct swap!  This one is from a young girl in Bad Marienberg, in the western part of Germany.  It's got a lot of different scenes from the area...I especially like the building with the pond and waterfall!!  Very pretty!


Our third for today was a more local postcard....At first I wasn't planning on doing postcards from our own country, but then thought 'what a great way to teach Jack all of the different states!'.  Besides, I already have a map of the United States that I can put up right next to our world map! 
This postcard is from Tucson, Arizona!  The scene is of downtown Tucson with a beautiful gazebo in a park, right along side of tall office buildings!